About Us

My names Gary and I'm one of the owners of Kindred Splendor.  My best friend Carlee & I started this company when we were looking for a portrait to have done of our pet however couldn't find the style we wanted to go with our modern home decors.  Just like that, Kindred Splendor was born, well okay, there were a few other things involved haha but we stuck to it and now we have provided custom pet portraits and phone cases to thousands and thousands of happy pet parents around the world.

We are very passionate about our animals and about contributing to charities even before Kindred Splendor started.  We knew we wanted to get this company to a place where we could donate a portion of all orders to a great organization.  We have made donations to the ASPCA, local shelters among many others.  Our newest endeavor is with Rescue Bank®.

Rescue Bank® supports freight-paid deliveries to smaller, less visible non-profits that have limited access to resources. They operate on the national food bank model, accepting food donations from many manufacturers, distributors or retailers. Rescue Bank® then schedules and pays for the freight to deliver the donation to a regional distribution center where it is picked up by pre-qualified non-profit groups.

For each product you purchase here at Kindred Splendor, your purchase will fund the delivery of food for shelter animals! 

We're so happy that we are able to give back to the shelters around the country that do so much for the animal community.

Checkout our Giving Back section to see how many animals have been fed so far!

Thank you for your continued support!

Gary R.